Welcome to Blighty – a Commonwealth of Nations cafe

In a world that is becoming increasingly divisive, our mission is to bring the people of Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations closer together – via the mediums of coffee, food and community.

We are doing this whilst always acting in a positive and ethical manner to the people and world around us. We believe in ethical capitalism which means pursuing creativity and profit but with equal emphasis on people and our environment.

We purchase products from as close to home as possible and when we do purchase from our Commonwealth friends we always insist on shipped freight. We believe its possible to engage in international capitalism whilst also respecting the planet and maintaining a positive carbon emissions footprint.

We use a green energy supplier and have switched all our ovens over to electricity and induction cooking. We are always fighting to become a zero plastic cafe and choose environment over profit in this regards.

Menu wise we have cut down our ‘meat’ menu though believe it does no harm to still serve our world famous Full English. Its about cutting down and not cutting out completely.

Thanks for being a part of Blighty and we hope your experience is positive and memorable.

Chris Evans, Founder

A Day in the life of Blighty

Begin your day at Blighty with some coffee and breakfast. We source, roast and serve coffee beans exclusively from Commonwealth countries namely India, Kenya, Tanzania, Papua New Guinea, Malawi and Uganda. Rumour has it that the Queen wakes up to a cup of our Commonwealth blend every morning.

Our tea leaves are responsibly sourced from Ceylon, Assam and Dharjeeling. Have a read of the Independent newspaper- delivered daily to Blighty.

For breakfast try the Winston – the worlds most famous full English or our Inverness toast made with sustainably sourced salmon. We have an extensive Vegan and Vegetarian menu taking our inspiration from cuisines from all over the Commonwealth of Nations.

Are you looking to do some work? Why not venture upstairs and check out our thriving workspaces. Here you will find local entrepreneurs and creatives doing their thing.

In the eve let us take you to Colombo, Delhi, Birmingham or Dhaka with our East Asian inspired Commonwealth dishes – try the Sabhzhi Blighty or the Bangla baat.

We have scoured the world to bring you the finest wines the Commonwealth has to offer – try the South African Cape Durbanville or Australian Footsteps shiraz? Or how about some English fizz with some Chapeldown sparkling white?

Don’t forget our famous Commonwealth cocktails and mocktails – the Singapore slinger and Mombasa sour are our signature drinks.