Back in 2013 we started off as a humble coffee shop sourcing coffee from Commonwealth countries and serving to our customers. 99% of coffee shops use beans from Brazil and Colombia largely because they are the biggest producers and supply the cheapest beans. We wanted to be different – even if that is a more expensive route to go down. Our beans are exclusively sourced from the Commonwealth of Nations countries – mainly India, Tanzania, Rwanda, Papua New Guinea and Malawi. We only purchase fair trade beans that have been imported by ship. No air freight allowed at Blighty.

Our Commonwealth blend is a mixture of our favourite beans hand roasted by our head roaster in Tottenham.

Daily we offer espresso, filter and cold brew options at both cafes. Coffee has been at the core of our offering since day 1 and we take great pride in it.

Please contact or pop in if you would like to discuss our wholesaling our coffee beans.